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Home > Tools & Equipment > Analog Multitester > Analog Multitester(AP33)

Analog Multitester(AP33)

Analog Multitester(AP33) รหัสสินค้า : AP33
ผู้ผลิต : SANWA
รายละเอียด :
Analog Multitester AP33

Pocket-size analog meter Improved lead reel
General Information

■ New test lead with high durability
The use of newly designed test leads has improved the durability of the multitester, which was regarded as questionable with the former take-up type test leads.

■ Elastomeric material is used for the lateral surfaces
This small analog multitester is available for your long-term use. The multitester uses elastomeric material for its lateral surfaces so as to mitigate the shock of a drop.

■ Battery check function
2 kinds battery check ranges are adopted for various needs of battery checks.

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